Black Widow Video Slot Available Online

Critiques of the Black Widow Online Slot

The IGT slot machine known as Black Widow has nothing to do with dangerous spiders, so if you have an irrational fear of them, you don’t need to get worked up about it. It’s all about a beautiful lady and the men who used to be her husbands but are now her exes since she kept getting rid of them one by one. She could be equally as deadly as a spider, but she has a far nicer appearance, and she stars in a slot game that has a web full of unique features.

The inclusion of these elements contributed to the Black Widow slot machine’s meteoric rise to fame at those online casinos that offer the famous IGT collection of games. This slot game comes with not just free spins and wild substitutions, but also stacked symbols and a unique additional feature called Web Capture, in which the characters that appear on the center reel are responsible for awarding some of the game’s most valuable rewards.

When high rollers play these reels at some of the best online casinos, where the Black Widow is hiding out, they have the opportunity to win a maximum of 1,000 times their line bet, which may make them very wealthy indeed. The vast betting range goes all the way up to 2,000.00 each spin.

Controls and Configuration for the Black Widow Slot

Those of us with smaller amounts of disposable income may play for as little as $0.40 every spin, or we can alter the stake level to our liking by utilizing a straightforward set of control buttons labeled Plus and Minus. You have the ability to set the reels to spin on their own, but you are unable to choose any win or loss restrictions that would cause them to stop before the predetermined number has been played out.

In regular play, the Black Widow slot machine follows a fairly standard format, with multipliers of the amount wagered on each of the forty lines being paid out when three or more instances of the same symbol halt on a line beginning on the left side of the machine. This is made much simpler by the fact that symbols may be stacked on a reel at a number of different heights.

IGT has developed this game completely suited for mobiles and tablet computers, in addition to making it playable on desktop computers and laptops, which will gratify anybody who enjoys playing games on mobile devices that run the iOS or Android operating systems. On each and every platform, you’ll find the exact same sinister-sounding song, control features, and betting possibilities.

Playing the Black Widow Game and Using the Bonus Features

The symbols on the reels are placed against a background of a blood-red pattern that is contained inside an elegant picture frame that surrounds the reels. Although playing card icons are used to produce the lower value combinations, IGT has added a touch of dark comedy to them by attaching things like as knives, candelabra, lead pipe, and bullet holes to each of them. This is done to make the lower value combinations more entertaining.

The three tragic victims, as well as the Black Widow herself, are the symbols with the highest payout potential. When she appears in the middle of the reels, she may provide payouts of up to fifty times the amount wagered each line.

You may win up to a thousand times your line wager if the game logo appears on an active payline during a standard spin, which is when you are eligible for the top rewards. This is also a wild symbol, which means that it may substitute for any other symbol as long as it stops in the appropriate locations. It can do this by filling in the spaces between matching card or image icons to make full lines.

However, the wild symbol will not substitute for the bottle of poison that seems to be a sinister shade of green. When it completely covers the center three reels, this will activate seven free spins, but keep in mind that since symbols may stack on top of one another, this is really pretty simple to do. The free games have the potential to be re-triggered an unlimited number of times if the poison continues to show up, up to a maximum of 98 bonus games.

The Black Widow slot machine’s standout feature is its one-of-a-kind Web Capture bonus round. Each of the male victims will have a value associated with them on a special meter, and if the Web Capture function is randomly granted, players will earn the value of the meter whenever the character lands on the middle reel.

If the Black Widow symbol appears on the center reel, players will win the total value of all three meters. After each Capture, the value on the meter will increase, and as you play this game for longer sessions, your chances of accumulating a huge from this feature will also increase as a result of your increased gameplay time.

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